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Here goes ... I'm a self-described "quirky, middle-aged underdog with killer biceps" -- and in a sea of pubescent Be-liebers and angst-y recording artists, who doesn't love a long shot? (And killer biceps. Personally, I'm big on biceps.) Plus, I like keeping it real. And being funny. Funny is good. 

My insatiable penchant for opulence, bling, fashion and FUN has turned me into hell on heels ... sort of a modern-day GEISHANISTA™ GONE BAD. Some swear I'm the antithesis of traditional geishas -- imagine that?  I say BRING IT ON. Ancient customs? I have none ... it's all about Saks and sake bombs bitches! How many Louboutins have YOU seen lined up in a tea room? Exactly. I'm all about rockin' a red-soled shoe and pushing people's buttons while dripping in bling. 

Why do I do what I do? We all know someone's going to spoof the spoof-able, so I've made it my mission. Kinda like Southpark meets Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.  Obnoxious? I hope so. Hilarious? To some. My take? Life's too short not to laugh at ourselves and be ridiculous -- it's the best defense against being ordinary, boring, and a "shoulda, woulda, coulda." 

"GEISHA-MANIA!™" introduced my silly, sexy sideshow, chock full of cross-dressing geishas, kimono-clad Chihuahuas, steamy hot tub scenes, and a trademark scream-laugh that's hard to forget. Even if you try. But that was only the beginning.

This spring I'm releasing several new singles as well as lots of other surprises---from

weekly videos to dating books--because I'm determined to make 2014 "THE YEAR OF THE GEISHA." I'm not young, beautiful, or your typical singer ... mine is far from the voice of an angel, but I love, love, LOVE making people laugh. 

There's no age limit on having fun ... I just did it in a sushi bikini." ​